enero 13, 2009

Prim Magazine Interview.


1. Why do you begin designing? When?

We are suckers for clothing, we just have a difficult time finding good stores or clothing in our city. We started customizing vintage separately and decided to get together and finally producing new designs. "MISS MARS" is 3 of us, Elena Montalvo, and Marcela Viejo and Priscila Gzz from the band Quiero Club. We started just months ago we're amazed with the fast response everywhere, we formally started this past summer.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?

We get a lot of ideas from movies, we started on the whole futuristic world that was envisioned in the 70s, The bad special effects and the idea that we will be living on Mars or on the moon by the year 2000, Barbarella, Los Astronautas, mexican sci fi movies, Kubrick, etc. From that we came out with the name, Miss Mars, which is actually translated in spanish to "Extraño Marte".

3. How would you describe your clothing?

Our slogan is Retro Clothing for Future Minds. Thats basically it, retro inspired designs adopted to the actual life (in another planet).

4. Where can it be bought?

We actually send our clothing to mexican retailer and designer stores, in Guadalajara, Leon, Chihuahua and our hometown Monterrey.
We also sell in Los Angeles, California. And sell everywhere else through our online shop at www.missmarsclothing.com In this half year we've shipped all over United States, UK, Japan, Spain, Finland, Singapore, etc.

5. Where do you see you in 5 years? Your company?

In 5 years we just hope to have covered many good quality clothing collections. We really want to get our our own store, and mainly to produce more clothing on less time and reduce our prices, we want our clothing to be reachable to everyone everywhere, economically and physically.

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